Commitment and maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism, constant search for innovative solutions and acceptance of new opportunities in order to
achieving the best results, the employees are the ones who with their professionalism over 45 years raise the Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje as a leader among the construction companies in providing specific services in the construction. areas of construction. Today, the company has more than 300 employees and continues to increase the volume of specialized services it offers to its customers and partners.

Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje has its own authentic Recognition between the business world and business partners not only in Macedonia but also in the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania. This authenticity of the Company has been created by many generations of professionals. Our sense of pride stems from the strong brand we have created with a high company culture that encourages us all to get the best out of ourselves as a company and as professionals.

The team of professionals in our company is a team that is committed to the development, and the development of our employees is our development because only professionals who develop their talents know how to face the challenges of penetrating world markets, ie we jointly globalize our brand.

Our Company is committed to developing, upgrading and retaining our talents, job positioning, training and education, internal promotions, challenging your potential, and proper job positioning is the basis for your future development, and your development is our development.

Employees work most effectively when faced with challenges and when they have a clear and defined path to success. That is why we encourage employees to fully and independently manage the achievement of their career goals and personal development.


All employees are encouraged to invest in their professional development, in order to help them meet their career goals while maximizing the effectiveness of ongoing activities and projects.
We provide staff with learning and development resources, including individualized trainings and specialized programs, in cooperation with a number of partners, mentoring options in order to encourage functional and technical excellence, raise teamwork and promote the values of CEIM.


One of our long-term goals is to continue to be effective implementing talent management processes because they matter integrated identification, selection, development and retention of top talents in our Company. We follow this process with appropriate specialized talent management programs, in cooperation with our Development Center, where we encourage creativity and it should deliver new, innovative solutions.


The commitment of the Construction Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje for continuous improvement of the health and safety of our employees is our main priority, which contributes to achieving the company's goals and improving safety, which is of great importance. The company has an established system for managing health and safety at work, which serves as an effective approach to management and continuous elimination of hazards and minimizing risks.
Nothing is more important than providing a healthy, quality and safe work environment for our employees. Our key goal is simple: work without injury.

If you are looking for new challenges and opportunities in a progressive and innovative company, please contact our Human Resources Manager at the following email address:


This is the place of your beginning on the path that leads you to our Company, but also closer to yourself and your goal. We aspire to become part of our four decades of existence and to write our history together. We encourage you to believe in yourself, in your ambitions and qualities. We invite you to become part of our team of professionals.

Your entry into our Company begins with Our confidence in your abilities, for which you will take responsibility and commitment, and we will support you throughout the process.

With your employment in our company you become part of the successful team of professionals of the Construction Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje, where you will be able to realize your vision, creativity, apply your knowledge and build a successful career.

Explore our website if you want to know more about why Construction Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje is a great place to develop your career.


If you want to become part of our team, you can apply for the current ads in the following ways:
Want to become part of our team, here are three ways to apply:
• Send your CV to, stating which job position you want to apply for 
• Send your CV to the following address:
Sector for Legal Affairs and Human Resources, Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje, 52 Drezdenska Street, Municipality of Karpos, Skopje.
Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje takes care of the protection of your personal data, as well as their confidentiality.


Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje offers opportunities for students and graduates to apply their academic knowledge by doing internships within our company.