Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA, as leader in its field, with aim of more effective management of its work processes has implemented ISO standards
among the first companies within the country, back in 2003.

CEIM has implemented an integrated management system for quality, environment and health and safety at work, pursuant to MKS EN ISO 9001:2015, MKS EN ISO 14001:2015 and MKS EN ISO 45001:2018.

The basis of the integrated management system is the integration of
the expert personnel, the equipment and digital applications through a documented system of quality policies, manuals, procedures, codes and user guides, supported by the DMS Software enabling realization of the company’s vision and mission.

The accumulated organizational knowledge of the company, over the decades, has transformed into an integrated system that provides highest quality of
our services and their continuous improvement in order to meet the demands of our clients as in the domestic, so in the foreign market.

As part of CEIM, there is the Accredited Laboratory and Certification Body CEIM Certification, accredited by the Institute for Accreditation
of Republic of N. Macedonia.


Expressing its consistent commitment to quality at all levels of operation, all activities of the employees in the Laboratory Department are constantly aimed at meeting the demands, needs and expectations of the users of the testing services.

Achieving a high level of satisfaction of the users of services and all other stakeholders is encouraged through the established and implemented Quality Management System, pursuant to the requirements of the MKS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard, its review and continuous improvement. With the consistent implementation of the Quality Policy, the laboratory strives to achieve its main goal - to become a leading institution in its field.



CEIM CERTIFICATION within Civil Engineering Institute MACEDONIA is specialized in the certification of construction products with recognized operating principles: professionalism, independence, impartiality, confidentiality and quality.

The obligation of CEIM to form a Certification body arises from the development vision of CEIM in order to provide certification services to users, with the highest available quality, by constant monitoring the contemporary methods, technologies and by constant improvement of the Certification Management System implemented in accordance with the requirements of the standard.