Project management-is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling of the projects, with the goal of completing a certain task or achievement of certain predefined goals.

The services of Project management and are to be based on the application of the fundamental tenets set out in the PMBOK Guide (a Guide to the Project management and the international standard EN ISO 21500 for guidance on the management of projects, which include a standard professional approach to our projects, and the development of a methodology to be applied in project management.

Expert advice on how to design, plan, and manage projects in the construction, including all types of residential and commercial buildings, and projects.
• Professional advice and expertise to clients, to help them to improve their business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.

• A complete package of services to the Investor that aim to recognize and build the idea and bring it to a final product. That is, initiation and development of an idea, project development (conceptual and basic), revision of project documentation, mediation in project approval and construction permits, engagement and control of contractors and subcontractors, analysis of construction technologies, expert supervision of construction, accredited laboratory for quality of construction materials, project management in terms of quality, time and financial goals.
• As a building manager, you take all the construction work, including the whole of coordination, logistics, communication, quality assurance, and regulation of the technical acceptance, the final surrender of the object, and obtaining a usable certificate. 

• Preparation of Project tasks/programs, the preparation of a dynamic plan of action, the preparation of the тендерски documentation, and an analysis of the costs, risk management, consultation, and negotiation on behalf of the Investor. 

•Control and monitoring of the quality of the project (schedule, cost, quality, risk management, optimization, etc.).
•The running of all the processes for the management of the project (initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and conclusions or recommendations) in accordance with the PMBOK Guide.
•Administrative management, documentation and management of the project in accordance with the guidelines of the standard EN ISO 21500.
•The co-ordination of the requirements of the customers, and the изнајмувачи of residential and commercial premises (together the phases: planning, execution, issuance, and management of the building).

•Supervision of the construction of the project, with the aim of protecting the interests of Investors (banks, investment funds, through a professional, independent, and in compliance activities, which cover the critical issues in the implementation of the process of financial and material point of view, the application of the methods of control, and the regular periodic reporting on the extent of the implementation and monitoring of the planned schedule, and the funding of the building, through the preparation of a Report on the progress of the Project (the Project's Quality Progress Report). 



The subject of procession for this project is the following: The protective riverbed of River Crna in the zone of the intake for supplying REK Bitola with raw water, more precisely the concrete bed under the dam, on the right side of the flow of River Crna.



CEIM cooperated with the Austrian company STRABAG as a current laboratory during the construction of the expressway Stip-Radovish.



CEIM signed agreements for mutual cooperation with TAV Macedonia and TAV TEPE AKFEN Investment Construction and Operational Joint Stock Company in the realization of 94 infrastructure projects on the territory of N. Macedonia.