Завод Проектирање се занимава со планирање, проектирање и ревизија
на инвестиционо – техничка документација за градби од прва и втора
категорија од сите области на градежништвото, инвестира во иновации,
нуди експертиза и совети за своите клиенти и партнери. Овој Завод е
одговорен за водење на неколку мулти-функционални оддели како што
се архитектура, конструкции, патишта и железници, хидротехника,
електротехника и машинство.

The Architecture Department specializes in the development of projects in many areas of building construction and spatial planning. The activities in which the department works range from architectural design, urban planning, interiors and ground floor arrangement, to energy efficiency, fire protection, occupational safety.
This department is specialized for the following services:
• Urban planning
• Designing of building construction structures
• Creates preliminary architectural decisions and preliminary architectural designs.
• Creates designs for preparatory works for all types of structures in the field of building construction.
• Prepares project documentation - basic projects, basic projects for reconstruction, upgrade, extension, rehabilitation and adaptation of all types of buildings in the field of Civil Engineering
• Provides a service for applying to the electronic system for obtaining building permits "e - building permit" and following the procedure for approval of documentation
• The Department of Architecture participates in the design of all ancillary facilities in hydraulic, electrical and infrastructure facilities, such as reservoirs, dams, treatment plants, hydro and thermal power plants, mines.
• Participates in the creation of technological solutions for industrial facilities.
• Creates designs for landscape arrangement.
• Creates designs for interior design for all types of structures in the field of building construction.
• Creates designs for landscape arrangement and landscape protection.
• As part of the Sector for Architecture, the elaborations for fire protection for all types of buildings in the field of construction and infrastructure projects are prepared.
• In the department of architecture, the elaborations for safety at work are prepared for all types of buildings in the field of construction and for all infrastructure projects.
• Creates design documentation for reconstruction and rehabilitation of structures in order to achieve energy efficiency.
• Creates technical solutions, technical specifications and bill of quantities-calculations
• 3D-modelling and visualization of structures
• The Department of Architecture audits the technical documentation of basic projects, projects for reconstruction, adaptation, extension, upgrade and rehabilitation in the field of architecture, for all types of buildings in the field of civil engineering.

The Structural Engineering Department provides services in the field of testing structures, designs for reconstruction and rehabilitation, designs of structures in the field of building construction, civil engineering, engineering structures, a complete audit of technical documentation, consulting services for any type of structures.
This department is specialized for the following services:
• Performs static-seismic analyses of the basic structural components of building construction, civil engineering or another type of structures,
• Analyzes and controls the stress stresses, tensions that can occur in a structure of various external influences and loads,
• Control јакостните features a built-in or in the design of materials that have been produced in the structural components of a structure (concrete,steel,wood,reinforcement,bricks исл.) as well as the development of technical solutions for the eventual rehabilitation or replacement of the same,
• Examines structures where there is a risk of disturbing their stability or eventual collapse and advises on the measures to be taken to improve the integrity of the tested structure,
• Prepares software models for the static-seismic analysis of various types of structures, performs complete analysis and sizing of structural elements, prepares complete graphic attachments (formwork plans, cladding plans, reinforcement details and details), reinforcement specifications, bill of quantities, etc.
• Performs tests with test loading on: bridges, viaducts, crane tracks, sports stands, industrial facilities, roof structures, etc., as well as preparation of elaborates from the performed test loads,
• Creates designs for rehabilitation, strengthening and reconstruction of all types of facilities in the field of structures,
• Prepared by expert opinions, expert opinions, reviews, and expertise of project documentation of the condition of the structures damaged by the poor performance, usage, earthquakes, fires, and other types of damage,
• Examine, measure, and classify the presence of any cracks in the structure, define the reasons for their occurrence, and provides recommendations and technical solutions to their own curing,
• Testing and designing various steel structures,
• Makes calculations, expert opinions, studies, expert’s reports, designs and expertise in the field of building physics,
• Applies computer technology when designing for the needs of the simulations.
• Performs reconstruction, adaptation and rehabilitation of industrial, residential and other facilities in the field of building construction and civil engineering,
• Creates reports for demolition and removal of building construction structures and civil engineering structures,
• Performs complete rehabilitation of structures damaged by earthquakes, fires, explosions, settlements, or the activity of chemically aggressive environment,
• Creates detailed designs for construction pit protection,
• Develops technical solution for deep founding of engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, underpasses and overpasses),
• Performs audit of complex engineering structures in accordance with valid standards and technical regulations.

The Roads Department has professional and experienced personnel, authorized for designing and audit of I and II category designs in the field of civil engineering. It is equipped with new technologies, uses contemporary methods when preparing the design documentation in accordance with the valid standards and legislation.
The Roads Department provides services in the field of designing and audit of civil engineering structures and geodesy, such as:
• Creates 3D models of cadastral-topological plans with spatial and height representation of the terrain.
• Geodetic measuring when load testing of bridges, monitoring the verticality of antenna poles, calculation of earth masses.
• Creation of Detailed Designs for geodetic works (creating an operative polygon traverse, designs for micro-networks, designs for staking out of structures etc.).
• Draw up a project at the level of the Preliminary and is the Primary project for the roads and the city's сообраќајници of the first and second category, railways, hiking trails, bike trails, одлагалишта, ground floor arrangement, tunnels, etc.
• Creates designs for rehabilitation and reconstruction of first and second category structures in the field of civil engineering.
• Creates Traffic studies, Preliminary and Detailed Designs for traffic signalization and equipment.
• Performs testing, analysis and planning of urban traffic networks.
• Creates 3D models, simulations and animations of civil engineering structures.
• Performs multicriteria analysis, feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis, determining the capacity and performance of the civil engineering structures, etc.
• Carry out an audit of the projects, engineering works and transport, in order to perform the control and the improvement of the design decisions in accordance with standards and legal requirements.
• Performs consulting services in the field of designing civil engineering structures.
• Creates technical solutions, technical specifications and bill of quantities-calculations

The services of the Hydrotechnics Department include the following:
• Prepares programs, tender and investment-technical documents for hydrotechnical structures.
• Creates design documents and auditor’s reports.
• Performs quantitative and qualitative supervision of hydrotechnical structures.
• Participates in technical inspection and acceptance committees for hydrotechnical structures and other structures where hydro installations are present.
• Organizes and mediates the construction of hydrotechnical structures.
• Creates studies and designs for modeling rivers and open watercourses.
• Prepares designs and plans for water economy, water supply, drainage and irrigation.
• Provides services for road drainage: external outlet, drainage channels, culverts and internal gutter outlet, collectors, separators etc.
• Provides consulting services in all phases, planning, programming, preliminary designs, main designs and as-built designs, and supervision during construction
• Prepare studies, reports, plans, and projects in the хидроенергетски systems hydro power plants, reservoirs, dams, water construction structures and supervise the performance.
• Designs systems for flood protection, regulation of water courses with drainage channels, reservoirs, dams and water structures.
• Prepares studies, plans and designs for water transportation: waterways, ports and port facilities.
• Prepares studies, plans and designs for irrigation systems and water intake systems and performs supervision during construction.
• Prepares plans and projects for water supply: water supply systems in buildings and settlements, water intake facilities, water supply network, pumping stations, reservoirs, air conditioning and water treatment devices.
• Prepares plans and projects for sewerage: wastewater and stormwater drainage in cities and towns, siphons, underwater and collectors, pumping stations, structural structures of drainage systems.
• Prepares studies, plans and designs for protection of waters and water courses, water protection facilities, water treatment devices, water outlets etc.
• Provides services for usability testing for pipelines, water conditioning system and waste water treatment equipment
• Develops solutions for dislocation and protection of water supply installations and sewages.

The Electrotechnics and Mechanics Department has a team of electrical and mechanical engineers providing engineering-consulting services for structures in building construction, energy and road infrastructure, hydropower structures and structures for water supply and water treatment.
This department is specialized for the following services:
• Prepare project documentation and to carry out an audit of the project in accordance with standards and legal requirements using the best practices in the field of електротехничките, and the mechanical-thermo-technical systems.
• Prepares programs, tender and investment-technical documents for structures in the field of electrotechnics and mechanics.
• Performs analysis and validation of technical documentation of electrotechnical and mechanical designs.
• Provides engineering-consulting services in multidisciplinary projects with other phases in the preparation of conceptual, basic and construction projects for different types of facilities.
• Provides engineering-consulting services during design supervision of the structures in the scope of electrotechnical, mechanical and thermo-technical installations.

The services of the Environment Department include the following:
• Preparing Environmental Protection Reports for existing and newly planned designs in various fields.
• Draw up a Study on the assessment of the impact of the project on the environment, or the specific projects from the хидротехника, roads, structures, industrial and other types of areas.
• Prepares Reports on Environmental Impact Strategic Assessment for plans, programs and other plan documents and strategies
• Prepares feasibility studies, plans and designs in the field of waste management.
• Prepares strategic documents and plans in the field of environmental protection.
• Creates Environmental Management Plans for the preparatory, construction and exploitation phase of various facilities (infrastructure and industry etc.)
• Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring during the construction activities of the project
• Performs audits and prepares opinions for technical documentation in the field of environmental protection and engineering.
• Provides consulting services for obtaining environmental permits.
• Prepares Valuation and Report of Environmental damage
• Prepares reports and opinions for the condition and contamination of surface and groundwaters, soil, air, noise emission and noise level etc.
• Creates an Environmental Cadaster of pollution sources releasing pollutants in the environmental media.



Highway A2 is essential object to the North of Macedonia, and is also a part of a lot of the Pan



About 60 per cent of the construction work on one of the most important items in the 'Gevgelija Box" – Dam "Konsko" it is finished.



In the period from 2017 to 2018, a residential complex was designed which is part of a residential zone in Podgorica ...



"East Gate", is the commercial center of a new generation, and some of the most multifunctional piece of the market of real estate in the Village of. Country.