Industrial waste – source of secondary raw materials and a new business model of circular economy for sustainable urban construction

The Republic of North Macedonia abounds in secondary raw materials in the form of industrial waste, construction waste, and municipal services waste. As such, they represent a relatively unexplored potential for the market sector of raw materials and could be a significant source of secondary raw materials (SRM), which with some treatment and processing could be used in construction.

Business-technical cooperation oF CEIM and the company Makstil, undertake activities on that topic through involvement in the project "New business model of a circular economy for more sustainable urban construction - Cinderela. It is funded by the European program "Horizon 2020" and is a complex research and innovative project, which aims to develop and demonstrate the "New Business Model of Circular Economy for Sustainable Urban Building (CEBM)".

To achieve the goals of the Cinderela project, the Laboratory Department at the Civil Engineering Insitute Macedonia - CEIM is in charge of the entire laboratory tests and testing of black and white slag for their use, as well as the design of the concrete and asphalt mixture, laboratory tests of finished products, concrete and asphalt prepared within the framework.

Within the Cinderela project, three pilot demonstrations are being held within the factory Makstil - Skopje (parking plate, asphalt access road and partitions of concrete blocks), which will be built mostly of secondary raw materials.

Read more in the announcement for the chamber magazine of district architects and certified engineers - Пресинг.

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