New irrigation system in the Municipality of Valandovo

Valandovo received a new irrigation system for over 2000 hectares.

It is a modern system for water supply in agriculture which provides timely and quality irrigation in the Municipality of Valandovo.

The second phase of the Irrigation Program of the South Vardar Valley, which covers a total area of 2150 ha and consists of Intake of irrigation water from Rakavec on the river Vardar, Taloznica, Tunnel, main pumping station Udovo with a capacity of 2.4 m3 / s and five pre-pumping stations Udovo 2, Gradec, Josifovo, Pirava 1 and Pirava 2, the main GRP pipeline with a length of 9 km and HDPE distribution network with a total length of 96 km.

CEIM takes an active part with consulting services for project implementation, construction supervision, and additional design.

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