Towards the end of 2019, the consortium Bechtel&Enka signed a contract with the government of Republic Serbia for construction of modern highway Pojate – Chachak with total length of about 110 km, divided to 9 sections in total. Based on the successful business-technical collaboration with the renowned company during the construction of the highway from Prishtina to the border with R. Macedonia, CEIM is invited to participate in the project in R. Serbia, in the part of geotechnical investigations and tests, as well as field control laboratory. All previous and current activities are stated below:
2020 – 2021: Performance of geotechnical terrain investigation works and laboratory tests for the route and structures on the sections 1, 3 and 8;
2020 – 2021: Laboratory tests in the accredited laboratory in CEIM of natural material as aggregate for concrete and its usability in the construction of embankment on the sections 5 – 9;
2020 – 2021: In the vicinity of the city of Krushevac, field control laboratory is established for concrete and geomechanics, by engaging 2 engineers and 12 – 14 technicians;
2021 – 2024: CEIM plans to work on this project in the following 3 years, because Bechtel&Enka is considered to be one of the most important strategic partners.