Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia, through its subsidiary in Montenegro, "Civil Engineering Institute Montenegro" LLC, has started construction activities - Construction of a residential-business building, located on Urban Plots C3 and C4, Nova Varos, Podgorica, and at KP 3487/1 and KP 3487/2.

The building is placed parallel to the main street, through which pedestrian and car access is realized. On the southern side, the plot overlooks the Ribnica river, on the western side it borders the Center for Social Work, and on the eastern side with a mixed-purpose building.

The location is excellent, in close proximity to a strictly central city area, with access to green park areas and a Primary School.

The terrain of the site has a steep slope towards the river, so the landscaping is planned to be done in cascades. Different low and high greenery is planned in the southern part of the plot, while the northern part is arranged as an accessible pavement, with decorative low greenery.

On the ground level, business contents are provided, oriented to two sides, access from the street, and a direct view of the Ribnica river.

The building has P+3 floors, that is, there are three residential levels, on each of them 5 (five) residential units, that is, a total of 15 (fifteen) residential units. Four of the five residential units face the river, and all the commercial units. Parking is arranged on underground levels, partly on the basement level - which is completely open to the river and completely underground level.

The facility is designed as a modern functional facility, which fully meets the requirements and needs of today's urban living.