CEIM is Designer of the Basic Project with all phases, for the intersection of st. Skupi and boulevard 8th of September; the intersection of 8th of September Boulevard and Nikola Karev Boulevard; Nikola Karev Boulevard and Slovenechka Street in Skopje.

The concept of the project is set based on the analysis of the space and the possibilities for spatial development, the valid urban documentation, and the adopted conceptual solution.

The main goal of the project is to improve the function of pedestrian communication in traffic, improve the level of road service and increase traffic safety in this part of the city of Skopje.

According to the General Urban Plan of the City of Skopje for the period from 2012 to 2022, Nikola Karev Boulevard is part of the primary street network.
It is categorized as a transit highway and connects the boulevard Aleksandar Makedonski with the ring road of the city of Skopje and continues to the planned highway A4. This road is a connection of the state road A4 from the road junction Stenkovec to the border crossing Blace. On the south side of the planned range is the part of Boulevard 8 Septemvri and Skupi Street.

For each of the mentioned roads, which are subject to elaboration in the project, preliminary studies and technical documentation have been made at the level of the Infrastructure project, which generally envisages reconstruction and construction of roads with appropriate analysis.

The data from the Infrastructure project are taken as initial indicators, as well as other guidelines and recommendations during the preparation of the Basic Design.

As part of the Basic project for the subject roads, projects of several phases have been prepared, as follows:
▪️ Phase Constructions: two bridges on the river Serava, two overpasses at the road junctions, one pedestrian-bicycle overpass, and four underground passages.
▪️ Phase Hydrotechnics: atmospheric and fecal sewage,
▪️ Phase Electrical Engineering: street lighting,
▪️Phase Geotechnics: geotechnical exploration works with dimensioning of road construction and
▪️ other project documentation.

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