HPP Vrutok

The water node is part of the water supply system for the needs of HPP "Vrutok". Within this node there are three vertical water shafts: Stara (Toljanska) shaft, Jelovska shaft and Sharska shaft.

During the exploitation of the water shafts, the concrete linings of the three shafts are damaged, where they gradually progress, and thus increase the water losses.
Therefore, in two seasons of two months each (September-October 2020 and 2021), the concrete linings of the three shafts were reconstructed and repaired.

Initially, the concrete lining was repaired on all three manholes, ie all cracks and segregated areas were closed, and then contact and consolidation drilling and injection were performed. After the successful rehabilitation, the manholes were covered with steel sheet along the entire height.

With this reconstruction of the manholes, all water penetrations were completely stopped, ie water losses stopped.